manufacturing and supply equipment for power transmission & distribution, metro & railway, nuclear power plants, as well as hardware and software for power IT

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CEO Greeting


  • Easy to view user environment; resource, user, authorization, communication, and other items are integrated and managed
  • through System Builder
  • Integrated development environment and test environment provided through Simulation mode of the Scan Buffer
  • Graphic Editor and various graphic samples provided to allow user easy and quick graphic function operations
  • Process, alarm, report, animation, and various other functions based on the different symbol tags, input value, time, and other conditions
  • Powerful network environment with provided monitoring and trace functions
  • Analog and digital input and output trend and logging function provided
  • Message check by day, time, and tag possible through AlarmView
  • Reports possible not only daily, weekly, and monthly but also by users customized setting through the use of Report Editor
  • Scripter and Scheduler provided to allow user to script desired process to function at desired time


  • Availability
    From user environment to graphic, communication, alarm, report, script, schedule, report, and output, EasyView, comprised of 16 independent modules, can perform graphic, report, script, schedule, alarm, and other change operations according to the user’s environment change independent of the user environment.

  • Stability
    Comprised of many independent modules so only the essential modules can be activated from user environment therefore removing the unnecessary activation of non essential modules, wasted resources, and cause for malfunction.
    To minimize the possible cause of problems after applied to operation, various powerful functions are provided so that the user can filter problems during the operation development process.

  • Flexibility
    - Optimal operation environment through operation of essential modules only
    - Windows based program that can be run on 98/2000/XP/NT
    - When user environment is supported, without being restricted by the Windows version, existing operations can be applied in other Windows (Portability)
    - In case of changes to user’s environment, changes to existing operations can be easily made

ENTEC - Electric & Electronics

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