manufacturing and supply equipment for power transmission & distribution, metro & railway, nuclear power plants, as well as hardware and software for power IT

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DC Switchgear for Railway - DC Switchgear



ENTEC DC Switchgear for Railway DC Disconnector Switch used for no load switching in DC feeder system.

  • DC Disconnector is used for no load switching in DC feeder system. ET-DS design is compact and optimized in order to apply DC panel and Other applications. In addition, sufficient insulation capacity and electric current capacity increase the product safety. Fast operation time accommodate the user convenience.


High durability and reliability

  • Regular operation time and good electrical mechanical characteristics by using of high quality materials.

Reduction of Closing and Opening time

  • Fast operation by reducing time of opening and closing with adopting relevant Motor Gearbox.

High grade Insulation and Sufficient electric current capacity

  • Sufficient current capacity and high grade insulation to protect users from abnormal condition.

Compact and light weight

  • Size and weight are compact and more optimized in order to provide more convenience in handling.

Various operation method

  • Normally use electrical operation however manual operation of DC Disconnector is accomplished in case of unstable power source or power- off.

Various installation arrangement

  • Free Installation directions to accommodate convenience in construction.

Interlock provision

  • To prevent mis-operation, interlock function are applied with Manual Lock and Position Lock.


Model Et-ds
Nominal voltage DC 750/1500V
Rated voltage DC 900/1800V
Rated current 2,000A/3,000A/4,000A/5,000A/6,000A
Rated short time current 106.5kAp/75kA
Operation voltage DC110V/220V
Operation method Auto/ Manual
Mechanical Operation 100,000 times
Operation time Below 2 sec
Insulation voltage Phase- Phase AC11kV/1 min
Phase- Ground AC9.2kV/1 min
Control Circuit AC 2kV/1 min
Size (Width x Depth x Height) 300x507x450mm
Weight 32kg
Applied standard IEC

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