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Substation Switchgear - Automatic Load Transfer Switch (ALTS)

ENTEC substation switchgear Automatic Load Transfer Switch (ALTS) for solid dielectric type and sf6 gas insulated type of alts.

  • Solid dielectric type and SF6 gas insulated type of ALTS(Automatic Load Transfer Switch) are supplied from Entec.
    By using Epoxy resin, Solid dielectric type is designed and the other type uses SF6 gas for insulation.

    ALTS is generally 3way-2way switch type in 22.9kV-Y distribution line with automatic safe and quick load transfer within 1 cycle from main power to reseve power in case of power outage.

    "High Speed Load Transferring within 1 cycle"


High Performance

  • First in nation to automatically switch from main power to reserve power within 1cycle during power outage to ensure continuous power to PC
  • Rated short-time current improvement (16kA/1sec)
  • Main power phase monitoring

Compact and Lightweight for Ease of Installation

  • Reduction of switchboard site
  • 50% reduction in installation space compared to existing model

Enhanced Digital Control Monitoring Function

  • Event record function (Event result year/month/day/hour/minute)
  • Status indication function
  • Main power selection
  • Phase check function


  • 630A Load trip: 10 times E3 grade
  • Load trip mechanism operation: 1000 times guaranteed

Specification Ratings

Rating Information Standard Rating Information Standard
Rated Voltage [kV] 25.8 Insulation Method SF6 Gas
Rated Current [A] 630 Rated GAS Pressure
(Solid dielectric type : N/A)
0.03 Mpa.G at 20℃
Rated Breaking Current [kA] 16 Rated Short-time Current [kA] 16 / 1sec
Rated Frequency [Hz] 60 Making Current [kAp] 41.6
Impulse Voltage [kV] 150 Control and Control Circuit Voltage[V] DC110 / AC220
Power Frequency Withstand Voltage [kV] 70 Circuit Switching Time[sec] Below 0.1
Number of Ways & Switches 3 Way & 2 Switch Product Dimension [mm] W600×D1100×H2000

Control Function Ratings

Ratings Information Specification

Standard Operation Condition

Ambient Temperature

Highest: 40°C, Lowest:-30°, 24 hour average: 35°C


Below 1000m


24 hour average relative humidity ≤ 95%

Month average relative humidity ≤ 90%


Control Power

DC110V (70V~300V), AC90V~260V

Power Consumption

Below 20 W

Rated Frequency


Current Input Signal

4 Channel(A, B, C, N), 1A/5A

Voltage Input Signal

(P1: A, B, C / P2: A, B, C), 4Vac

Sampling Value

16 Sample per 1 Cycle

Input Ground

Signal 4EA, Control 7EA

Output Ground

Signal 16EA, Control 6EA

CT Protection

In case of separation from control device, CT will short out


Remote IEA485 1EA, Maintenance IEA232 1EA(Female)

Indication Device

Character LCD 4x20 1EA, Key 13EA, LED 26EA, Buzzer 1EA



Outer Dimension

231 x 277 x 246

Outer Structure



Insulation Method

3Way 2SW(Default)

Voltage Monitoring Function

Power failure: 35%~75% of main power rated voltage, 5% step

Power recovery: 50%~90% of main power rated voltage, 5% step single phase or 3phase 

Load Fault Current Monitoring Function

Phase current: 10A~630A, 1A step, Ground current: 5A~315A, 1A step

Live Wire and Phase Monitoring Function

Power failure: 35%~75% of main power rated voltage, 5% step

Power recovery: 50%~90% of main power rated voltage, 5% step

Switch Operation Due to Instantaneous Power Outage Prevention Function

Transfer switch delay time 0~99.9 sec

Main Power Recovery Transfer Function and Suppression

Main 1, 2 select, delay time: 0.5~999.9 sec, No re transfer switch when no power selected

Load Side Fault Current  System Separation and Manual Release Function

Operation function: Hold, Open

Manual release: in case of load side separation, FI reset then control operation possible

Load Side Instantaneous Over Current Blocking Operation and Automatic Release Function

When instantaneous over current (Eliminated within suppression time) occurs, transfer function suppressed during suppression time: 0.1~99.9 sec

Power Selection

Select from Power1, power2, No power

Auto/Manual Operation Selection

Auto: available in local mode only, Manual: available in both local/remote

Switching Test Function

Transfer switch and retransfer switch auto test

Lamp Test Function

All LED will light up when lamp test button is pressed


System log, diagnosis log, fault log

Measurement Function

Current: A, B, C, N, Voltage: P1 (A, B, C), P2 (A, B, C)


When saving Control and Setting values, 4 digit password

Inner Condition

Power Frequency Withstand Voltage

2kV, 60sec (IEC 60255-0-22-5)

Shock Withstand Voltage

(IEEE 62.41: combination Wave applied Test)

Voltage Type: 1.2/50?s, 6kV

Current Type: 8/20?, 3kA


4kV(2.5KHz), IEC60255-22-4

Electromagnetic Radiation Resistance

10V/m, 80MHz~2.7GHz, IEC60255-22-3

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